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For The Science Fiction Novella The Voice
By William L.K.
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Click on the link below to enjoy the original photography of William L.K.

Two Days In August

This 16" x 20" original mixed media on mounted canvas contains a collection a newspaper clippings collected over two days.




This "24 x "36 is an original oil and acrylic on mounted canvas.
For purchasing information e-mail:

Looking In


This 11" x 14" is an original oil over acrylic on canvas board.

For more information contact:


Somewhere Over The Sea

This 24"x30" Original oil painting comes on mounted canvas.  It is a piece of fantasy art, depicting a more simplistic time.  It is also available in poster form.

This piece is available in poster form.  If you are interested in purchasing the original, please e-mail:



This 20"x24" Original oil and acrylic painting comes on mounted canvas.  It provides a mixture of many autumn colors.



This thoughtful 11in.x14in. acrylic and charcoal is the featured special for the month of September.


This 18in.x24in. original oil painting comes on mounted canvas.  The title (manipulation) repesents the artists view of the interconnectedness of all things.


This 18in.x24in. original oil is on mounted canvas.

Low Moon Tonight

This 16in.x20in. original oil on mounted canvas offers a thoughtful view of a quiet night.


This 8in.x10in. original comes framed and ready to hang. 

It features a mix of oil, acrylic and charcoal to obtain the ominous mood.

The Bird

This 16in.x20in. is signed on the back.
It is a one of a kind original oil painting on mounted canvas.

Hold Me

This beautiful 17in.x24in. original oil painting on mounted canvas is signed on the back. 

It was created in the style of Peter Max and would serve as an attractive addition to any decor.  



Eagle's Head

This eagle's head 16in.x20in. is an original oil painting signed on the back.

Take My Hand

This 17in.x24in. orginal oil painting on mounted canvas is an enjoyable depiction of the simplicity of compassion and nature. 

It is rich with metophoric implications about the journey we walk together.

For purchasing information
Please contact:



This 8in.x10in. charcoal on canvas comes framed and ready to hang



Safe With Me

This 16in.x20in. oil and acrylic on mounted canvas offers a highly personal interpretation of another dimension.

Coming To Life!

This 11in.x14in. is a mix of many mediums.  It offers a multitude of imaginative expression.

It comes framed and ready to hang.



Waking up

This 11in.x14in. original oil on canvas comes framed and ready to hang.

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